WHAT IS Taowen?

Generate and disseminate high-quality data ideas

Taowen-Data Distribution Center

Data Distribution Center

Taowen is committed to collecting data from governments, world organizations, authoritative organizations, and hotspots. You can also make the data open source center more diverse by sharing your own data.

Tao Ask - Visualizing the Big Market of Digital Views

Big Market of Digital Ideas

Data is an efficient carrier of opinions. As long as you have a digital point of view that you want to share and communicate, such as government statistics and publicity, academic research results release, user UGC, you can use taowen to reach a larger audience.

Taowen-Zero Code Visualization Chart Maker

Data Visualization Tool

Taowen comes with a zero-code visual chart making tool, which can be realized through a simple search. It supports more than 50 chart types and various dynamic chart displays.

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Taowen - Visualized Open Source Data Center

Open Source Data Center

There are open source datasets from international organizations, as well as various data sources shared by other users. Are there datasets of interest? You can download this data to your personal space for analysis and research, or you can share your data sets with others.

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TaoAsk-Search Data Visualization Tool

Visualization Tool

Constructed based on the Focus Search engine, data visualization can be realized by searching, with simple interaction, and it can be used after login. It is an efficient visualization tool necessary for all data workers.

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Tao Ask-Data Theme

Data Topic

Long-term records will help data enthusiasts to form their own data viewpoints archives. The Data Topic is exactly such a collection of briefs covering a wide variety of research directions. See what stories others are telling with data!

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Tao Ask - Visual Data Briefing

Briefing Highlights

There are intellectual opinions colliding and clashing here, because everything has to be expressed in data. When you have any data viewpoints you want to disseminate or share, use taowen to make it into a newsletter.

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Tao Ask-Selected Data Visualization Viewpoint Briefing-Finance
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Tao Ask - Featured Data Visualization Viewpoint Briefing - Listed Companies Trillion Market Value Club
Tao Ask-Selected Data Visualization Viewpoint Briefing-Top 500 Listed Companies Distribution
Tao Ask-Selected Data Visualization Viewpoint Briefing-Indonesia's Major Smartphone Manufacturers Shipment Market Share Q3
Taowen-Selected Data Visualization Viewpoint Briefing-Bilibili's Popular Barrages Over the Years
Tao Ask-Selected Data Visualization Viewpoint Briefing-Soft Science China University top20
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